Matthew Porter LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
CA License MFC #42042

Providing Sensitive, Trauma-informed Therapy
Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups
In-Person and Telehealth Therapy Sessions

260 South Beverly Drive, Suite 300
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


About Matt Porter MFT

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// About Me


I offer individualized therapy and coaching services to address trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationships. I have been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California since 2005, specializing in trauma/PTSD and Mindfulness approaches to healing and self-discovery. 

Therapy Services: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; EMDR Trauma Reprocessing Therapy; DBT/Mindfulness Coaching; Couples Therapy; Family Therapy; Child/Adolescent Therapy; Group Therapy; LGBTQ-Focused Therapy; Addiction Counseling

Course Offerings: I offer an online video tutorial course called Awaken Intuition and Self-Actualize, which includes four individual courses: Intuitive Resilience; Intuitive Healing; Cult Fevers; & Self-Actualize. You can access the courses and website at

Free Consultation: Call me at (650) 924-8616 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Session Fees: Session Fees: $250 for 45 minutes

// My Commitment


I will respect your process and provide you with unconditional support.


I will offer you sensitive feedback and compassionate guidance.


I seek to understand and respect your individuality and to support your healing process.


I will provide you with expert guidance and care, effective interventions, and human-centered therapy.

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